January 6, 2015

I'm Alone, Not lonely

Being single has it's perks. I'm my own boss, I can come and go as I please and my benefits package is stellar. With that being said, there is a dark side to this single life. Sometimes I long for companionship and miss the feeling of knowing someone's there that has my back. I guess in reality, that's called being vulnerable. I'm not ashamed to admit I have vulnerable moments. The problem for me is when others (ahem, ex-boyfriends) recognize my vulnerability and assume it's a gateway to re-enter my life.

Like, they're my knight and shining armor coming to rescue me from the depths of loneliness and despair. Those little bastards have been coming out the wood works lately. They all want to want to reminisce on the good times and such, but  avoid talking about the bad.

Him: "You remember that time we went to Savannah and spent the day by the river?"
Me: "You remember that time you lied to me and told me you went to Atlanta for the weekend, when you w're really with your baby mama?"

How quickly we forget. Good thing I didn't.  Vulnerable or not, I know that those relationships didn't work for a reason, and I'd be fooling myself to believe otherwise. Besides, do you know how many brand spanking new (to me) penises experiences there are out there? Why waste my time with the players on the bench? That's just dumb.

And I don't do dumb.

So, let me go ahead and put them on notice. Because no matter how alone I may get,  I'm never lonely for  you Mr. Ex.




  1. A lot of ladies are still learning this, its a good thing you are hipped to their game. lol #Blmgirls

    1. Lol, I'm overly hipped to their shenanigans Mimi. lol

  2. Yes! Apparently it gets worse when you get married. They show up around the holidays wishing me well. Send them positive energy, then sashay away to your future.

    1. Are you serious Kimani?? That's nothing but the devil lol