April 28, 2015

Cute Headbands For Short Hair

Hi Guys! Today I'm sharing some of my favorite headband that I wear with my short hair. I'm always on the hunt for cute hair accessories because sometime, I do get a little bored. So, I find cute  ways to spice it up! Enjoy! Oh, and if you haven't yet, please take a moment to subscribe to my YouTube page!


April 21, 2015

Plan A Girl's Get Away!

Hi Guys! I'm fresh off a four day trip to Savannah with my crew and let me tell you, I'm still on a high from all the fun we had. When we get together there is nothing but full on, stomach aching, can't catch my breath laughter! Savannah is such a beautiful and peaceful place. We rented a gorgeous house in Historic Downtown Savannah and did everything from gift exchange, board games, drinking games and even a mini baby shower for our sistah who is expecting. We also spent time on River Walk, took a boat tour, shopped and ate hella good!

Planning a getaway with your girls is a must. Getting away from the hustle and bustle of life and spending time with people who just get you, is the most rewarding gift you could ever give yourself. Those moments we shared shopping, sight seeing, checking out new restaurants and the silliness that occurred in between, are moments I will treasure for years to come. 

 Do you know we still laugh about the trip from last year? Like it happened yesterday? I'm building memories with people I genuinely love and I'm experiencing things I probably never would have tried on my own. Like that cabaret show....Chiiiile.

If you haven't considered it before, I highly suggest you and your crew get together and plan a trip. Leave all the drama, stress, responsibilities behind and just enjoy life! I promise you'll come back renewed and have a new found appreciation for each other.

Shout out to our photo bomber in the background!

So tell me, do you and your girls plan getaways? What's the experience like for you? 



April 15, 2015

Pose n Post Symposium Columbia Recap

Hi Guys! If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you already know I attended Chrisette Michele's Pose n Post Symposium here in Columbia on Saturday. The event truly was fun, entertaining and informative. Chrisette is extremely laid back, super sweet and warm; it was almost like chilling with your home girl for three hours. Her attitude about life in general, her love and support of women and of course her amazing voice was definitely a treat to experience.

We had the opportunity to talk and ask questions of Chrisette as well as Ambrosia, Fash and Courtney about branding, marketing, blogging, YouTube; etc. Absolutely nothing was off limits and they gave of their knowledge and encouragement easily.

The event kicked off with Chrisette performing three songs and followed with an ice breaker among the attendees.We were tasked with introducing ourselves to someone we don't know, share what we do and  exchange contact info. Next we had to follow each other on Instagram, take an usie, post it and tag each other in the post. That was the easiest networking ever!

Once out Q&A session was over, the person each attendee and their partner got to take a picture with the ladies. I thought this was an awesome ice breaker that allowed us all to connect with each other and learn who we are and what we were about as well as determine if we could be of some help to each other in our endeavors.

I can honestly say I had the BEST time and walked away with valuable information and new relationships.

Check out the video for a small recap.

 Be Afraid In Action. No one owns anything that you don't give them. ~Chrisette Michele



April 14, 2015

Curvy Girl Fashion: Knowing How to Shop For Your Body

Hi Guys! Let's talk curvy! It's no secret...I'm a thick girl! I'm blessed with what many pay big bucks to have. Believe it or not, I'm still learning to accept all'a this voluptuousness daily because let's be honest, being "thick" has it's challenges. I can't just walk in a store and simply pick something up that's cute and take it home. Nope, I have to try everything on, feel the fabric and perform the "stretch test" before I decide to purchase it or not.

That's why it's extremely important to know what works and doesn't work for your body to avoid a major fashion faux pas. I thought it would be fun to take you along with me on my latest shopping excursion to see and hear what works for me. Enjoy!

How do you shop for your body type?



April 7, 2015

Lush Cosmetics Facial Cleanser Demo

Hey guys! Soooooo I'm back...again. I know I've been missing for the whole month of March, but I had a somewhat really good excuse this time around. Long story short, I was testing out a new 10 hour schedule at work for the last month that was absolutely draining the life out of me. Needless to say, I will be returning back to my regular schedule starting next week and we will be back to business as usual!

I have some fun things planned for this here site, so PLEASE don't give up on me yet. One of the things I've decided to do more, is share my favorite, must - have items via video. There will be lots of videos coming your way, so if you're not subscribed to me on YouTube, please do so here.

Now, let's talk skin. About a year ago, my skin was going through pure hell. It was dull, super oily, blah and riddled with dark spots. I tried several cleansers, but nothing seemed to work. Then around this time last year, I went to Atlanta and stumbled upon a store called LUSH. I was immediately intrigued by all their hand-made all natural  products. I asked one of the sales associates what she would suggest as a cleanser for my skin, and she  recommended the Dark Angels Face and Body cleanser. She used my hand to do a demo of the product and no lie, I fell in love.

I bought the product that day and I've been buying it ever since. Because it's an exfoliater, I only use it about 3-4 times a week. After using it for a few months, I noticed that my dark spots disappeared and my skin wasn't as oily ( this cleanser is perfect for oily skin) and my skin was glowing.

I'd recommend this product 100 times over because it really is awesome. There's just one-problem, it's so awesome that it's NEVER in stock in-store or on-line. The closest LUSH stores to me are located in Charleston and Charlotte. I've been to Charleston twice in the last month to re-up and they've been out of stock both times. The product lasts for a really long time because you only use a pea-sized amount when cleansing your face, but I'm seriously about to run out, so I hope I can purchase it the next time they restock.

Let me know if you've tried this product or any of there other products and your thoughts on them.



February 10, 2015

4 Things Men Say (and should stop) to Get The Booty

If you'll recall here, my vagina is currently on vacation. Last time I checked, she was living it up in Dubai riding camels and ATVs.  She really seems to be enjoying her time away, and no matter how many times ask her when she's coming back, she always hits me with the one liner, "When you find something exciting for me to do." She's such a bitch.

Anyway,  as you'd expect, there are people (horny men) who want her to come home.  They want to hang out with her, caress and fondle her and of course, rock her world like never before. Of course they all felt that they were the man who can talk her our of retirement, and give her the excitement she's been looking for.  And would you believe, they would say and do anything to make me believe it? Check out a few of my favorites

1. We're both adults here with mutual desires.
Yes we are. But I don't desire to have sex with you, therefore it's not mutual. And you saying that won't make me believe otherwise. I don't want your overworked penis near my vacationing vagina. Cut it out.

2. I just want to taste it.
What am I, ice cream? A new flavor of Italian Ice? Oh, you must think I'm gelato. I don't know where your mouth has been! Do you brush twice a day and floss regularly? Do you use a tongue scraper? Where's your tonguefax homey? I need to know how much mileage is on that bad boy before you come flicking my way.

3. Why you being stingy?
Ummmmm, let's see...cuz it's mine!! And I'm not stingy - I'm selective. I have morals, values and  RESPECT for myself to not be out here passing her out like hot cakes and shit. I'm a giver yes, but I don't give it up just because you think it's a piece of candy I should share just because you asked.

4. Because I want it.
Well, I want you to disappear, but you won't. Looks like we're both losing here.

Share some of the lines you've been tossed to give up the booty!



January 20, 2015

Midlife Crisis My Ass

Her: Take a deep breath.
**peircing pain**
Me: Shit that hurt!

But OMG it's adorable! That's exactly how my cartilage piercing experience went down this past
Tuesday. It was scary, exciting and "What the eff are you doing?" all balled into one. It was also the moment I was happy I chose to get my cartilage pierced over my nipples. I'd nixed that idea when I determined it wouldn't be the best option for my keloid skin, but it's totally nixed after what I experienced Tuesday.

I mean it didn't hurt, but it didn't not hurt. If that makes sense.

I've had mixed reactions from family and friends about my new piercing. They all ranged from "Oooh, I want one" to " Are you going through a midlife crisis?". Not in the least. I simply wanted it so I got it. Period.

It made me wonder though, why when we choose to do something for ourselves, there's a naysayer there waiting to question your sanity. Why couldn't it simply be a decision. Plain and simple. A decision that I never once questioned or considered what anyone would have to say about it.

 Because I didn't care what anyone else had to say about it. Never have. Never will.

Have you dealt with anyone forcing their unwanted opinions on you? How did/do you deal with it?