April 15, 2015

Pose n Post Symposium Columbia Recap

Hi Guys! If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you already know I attended Chrisette Michele's Pose n Post Symposium here in Columbia on Saturday. The event truly was fun, entertaining and informative. Chrisette is extremely laid back, super sweet and warm; it was almost like chilling with your home girl for three hours. Her attitude about life in general, her love and support of women and of course her amazing voice was definitely a treat to experience.

We had the opportunity to talk and ask questions of Chrisette as well as Ambrosia, Fash and Courtney about branding, marketing, blogging, YouTube; etc. Absolutely nothing was off limits and they gave of their knowledge and encouragement easily.

The event kicked off with Chrisette performing three songs and followed with an ice breaker among the attendees.We were tasked with introducing ourselves to someone we don't know, share what we do and  exchange contact info. Next we had to follow each other on Instagram, take an usie, post it and tag each other in the post. That was the easiest networking ever!

Once out Q&A session was over, the person each attendee and their partner got to take a picture with the ladies. I thought this was an awesome ice breaker that allowed us all to connect with each other and learn who we are and what we were about as well as determine if we could be of some help to each other in our endeavors.

I can honestly say I had the BEST time and walked away with valuable information and new relationships.

Check out the video for a small recap.

 Be Afraid In Action. No one owns anything that you don't give them. ~Chrisette Michele



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