April 21, 2015

Plan A Girl's Get Away!

Hi Guys! I'm fresh off a four day trip to Savannah with my crew and let me tell you, I'm still on a high from all the fun we had. When we get together there is nothing but full on, stomach aching, can't catch my breath laughter! Savannah is such a beautiful and peaceful place. We rented a gorgeous house in Historic Downtown Savannah and did everything from gift exchange, board games, drinking games and even a mini baby shower for our sistah who is expecting. We also spent time on River Walk, took a boat tour, shopped and ate hella good!

Planning a getaway with your girls is a must. Getting away from the hustle and bustle of life and spending time with people who just get you, is the most rewarding gift you could ever give yourself. Those moments we shared shopping, sight seeing, checking out new restaurants and the silliness that occurred in between, are moments I will treasure for years to come. 

 Do you know we still laugh about the trip from last year? Like it happened yesterday? I'm building memories with people I genuinely love and I'm experiencing things I probably never would have tried on my own. Like that cabaret show....Chiiiile.

If you haven't considered it before, I highly suggest you and your crew get together and plan a trip. Leave all the drama, stress, responsibilities behind and just enjoy life! I promise you'll come back renewed and have a new found appreciation for each other.

Shout out to our photo bomber in the background!

So tell me, do you and your girls plan getaways? What's the experience like for you? 



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